Birth affects us all

Because how we are born can have a huge impact on our lives.

Because how a woman gives birth can determine how she feels about herself and her baby.

Because a birth where a woman feels safe and supported gives her an edge when she mothers that baby.

Because breastfeeding is so much more enjoyable when you don’t have stitches in your abdomen or an episiotomy repair.

Because home birth midwives and mothers remind us that respecting the needs of labouring women is part of being humane.

Because I want sane birth to be an option for my grandchildren.

Because we were all unborn, because we all got born, because most of us will be parents.

These are a few of the reasons why I will be at the Dáil on Wed at 10.30am to support midwife Philomena Canning and the 25 mothers who engaged her services, and had their right to have her superlative care terminated brutally by the HSE.

Hope to see you there if you care about PEOPLE in any shape or form!


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